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    The School of Engineering Science was established in 1998 and is composed of the Department of Modern Mechanics, the Department of Precision Machinery & Instrumentation, the Department of Thermal Science & Energy Engineering and the Department of Safety Science and Engineering. The dean of the school is Professor DU Shanyi, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The executive dean is Professor LU Xiyun, member of Cheung Kong Scholars. The School owns the CAS Key Laboratory for Mechanical Behaviors and Design of Materials.  

      The School of Engineering Science now has 48 professors and 44 associated professors, among whom there are 4 CAS and CAE academicians, 5 members supported by the National Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars and 12 members supported by “Hundred Talents Program” of CAS.

      Engineering Science belonged to scope of Applied Science is also called as Technical Science, and is a bridge connected natural science with engineering technology. When USTC was established, a good many departments and subjects were pitched engineering science, but these departments and subjects are different from the counterparts of traditional engineering college. The former is oriented towards engineering science, is to educate research higher personnel to solve the scientific problems emerged from engineering; the latter is oriented directly towards engineering technology and mainly educate engineers. In fact, the establishment of a good many departments and subjects with type of engineering science at USTC is an important part of the advanced educational philosophy --- “combination of science and technology, combination of science and engineering”.

      The progress of modern science and technology, especially the booming of the latest advanced technology, has injected new energy into engineering science, and put forward new challenge to it at the same time. That is the background of SES establishment, which has combined related departments and subjects, and aimed the integration of limited resources, the promotion of interdisciplinary research between different subjects, especially between engineering science and the latest advanced technology.

      The School of Engineering Science has always attached importance to international academic exchange and encouraged teachers to participate international academic congress or symposium, and has established long-term cooperative research and exchange relations with the academic institutions of such as USA, Japan, British, German, Spain, Australia and Hong Kong, Taiwan etc. In this way, SES is booming in the round. 

Department of Modern Mechanics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui province, China, 230027
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