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Limitation of Cancer Cell Migration Raises Hope of Curing Cancer

Recently, a group of scientists from Johns Hopkins University and Prof. JIANG Hongyuan from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) together identified new factors independent of actin and myosin mechanism that contribute to the migration of cancer cells.

USTC Robots Stand on the Podium in RoboCup 2013

Fans of Chinese football team may envy the fans of the USTC WrightEagle, a robot soccer team who had just won their fifth champion in the RoboCup 2013. In the 17th RoboCup, holding in Eindhoven, Netherlands, from June 26th to July 1st, the WrightEagle won a champion in Soccer Simulation 2D and a silver medal in RoboCup @Home, proving its leadership in the world in this area. In the past nine years, the USTCteam has won four gold medals and five silver medals, far beyond other Chinese teams.

The 31st Guomoruo Scholarship Awarded to 27 Top USTCers!

27 senior USTC students were awarded the 31st GUO Moruo Scholarship. CAS Academician, President of USTC, Dr. HOU Jianguo, attended the ceremony on April 28th, together with distinguished alumni, parents of the recipients and people who have influenced them most.
Recent Research on Scramjet Intake Flow in SWL,RWTH
Lecturer: Prof. H.Olivier
Time:Nov.17 16:00
Place:Meetingroom of mechanical building
Fluid Manipulations in Microfluidic Devices
Lecturer: Dr. Xia Huanming
Time:Oct.25 14:30
Place:Mediaroom of mechanical building
Overview of Mechanical Engineering
Lecturer:Assoc. Prof. Lee Thong See
Time:Sep.1 16:00
Place:Mediaroom of mechanical building
Control of Thermal Transport through Nanostructures for Thermal Management
Lecturer:Dr. Yang Zhao
Time:Jun.24 15:00
Place:Mediaroom of mechanical building
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