Research directions
Research directions
Research directions

    Applied Mechanics

    The main research areas include mechanical behavior, microstructure evolution and property optimization of advanced materials, optic experimental mechanics, optics measurement technology, computational mechanics and engineering, biological engineering mechanics, multi-scale complex flow, high-speed flow and advanced propulsion, explosion mechanics, etc.


    Precision machinery and instrumentation

    The main research areas include intelligent machines and robots, micro-nano electro- mechanical systems, photoelectronic information technology and instruments and dynamic testing and fault diagnosis etc.


    Energy Science

    The main research areas include solar energy, biomass energy,industrial energy conservation,building energy efficiency, thermal control, thermal properties measurement of materials, traffic flow, flow and heat transfer, turbulent combustion, plasma applications and bioheat transfer.


    Fire Science

    The main research areas include fire dynamics evolution, key technologies of fire prevention and control, fire safety engineering theory and methodology.

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