The award ceremony of the first "Zhichuang Cup"
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    The award ceremony of the first "Zhichuang Cup"


    The award ceremony of the first Zhichuang Cup Frontier Technology Challenge was grandly held in Shenzhen Civic Center on October 30. The Hanhainan Engineering Team, jointly formed by the University of Science and Technology of China and Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), stood out from the 15 finalists at home and abroad with the Earthshaker robot. Won the crown in the championship titled Detection and Disposal of the Post-disaster Area and won a prize of RMB 8 million.

    The Hanhai South Engineering Team is composed of the Bionic Robot Laboratory of Professor Shiwu Zhang (School of Engineering Science of USTC), and the Network Robot and System Laboratory of Professor Haoyao Chen come from School of Mechatronics of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen). In particular, Professor Chen is also a 2009 alumni of our school. The two teams have been cooperating in the field of robotics for many years and they sent out outstanding members in the direction of mobile robots in this time, respectively. The team leader is Wei Gao, a postdoctoral fellow of USTC. The members include graduate students Yongming Yue, Ning Guo, and Yu Zhang from the School of Engineering in the School of Engineering Science of USTC, and graduate students Yu Wang, Zhihao Wang, and Yuxiang Li of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen). In six months, the members of the two teams overcome the impact of the epidemic and the unfavorable conditions of cooperation between the two places, and quickly formed a united and powerful team. The team passed with a perfect score in the points match at the end of July. Subsequently, according to the tasks of the finals, the team members adjusted their plans, carried out software and hardware design, and quickly completed the development of a stable, agile, and autonomous rescue robot.

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