Department of Safety Science and Engineering

    Department of Safety Science and Engineering


        The University of Science and Technology of China was established in 2004 and is currently the deputy director of the National Safety Engineering Teaching Steering Committee. From 2004 to 2014, Professor Fan Weicheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was the first dean of the Department, and Professor Zhang Heping, a member of the national one billion talents program, was the executive deputy director of the department Professor Hu Yuan was head of the department from 2014 to 2019, while Professor Wang Qingsong was deputy head of the department. Professor Liu Naian has been head of the department since 2019, Zhu Yuquan is deputy head and professor Wang Qingsong is teaching head.

        The Department of Safety Engineering undergraduate, safety technology and engineering postgraduate professional, with master’s and doctor’s degree granting authority, is the National “9th five-year” , “11th five-year” and “Project 211” key construction disciplines. In 2007, the major of safety technology and engineering was selected as the national key discipline. Has won the National Teaching Achievement First Prize, second prize and Anhui Province teaching achievement first prize, first prize.

        Since the preparation of the construction, the department has made great achievements in personnel training and social recognized advantages of safety disciplines, has become an important base for bringing up outstanding personnel in safety science and engineering.

        In 1997, “the exploration and practice of fire safety discipline construction and postgraduate training” won the second prize of national teaching achievement.

        In 2001, “facing the national important demand, combining production, teaching and research with fire safety cross-disciplinary construction, training high-level innovative talents” won the first prize of national teaching achievement, Anhui Province teaching achievement award.

        In 2006, according to the evaluation of our department (the state key laboratory of fire science) in the report of Operational Analysis and development of the state key laboratory of fire science completed by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, “through the intersection and synthesis of the first-class disciplines of information, materials, mathematics, mechanics and architecture, we have established the major of safety engineering with the major direction and characteristics of major safety accident/fire mechanism and prevention and control, and in a relatively short time we have established the leading and internationally renowned research bases and academic centers in China” .

        In 2007, “safety technology and engineering” was selected as one of the national key disciplines

    In 2010, the first prize of teaching achievement of Anhui Province was awarded for “innovating teaching mode and training compound creative talents for fire protection field” .

        In 2011, “safety science and Engineering” was added as a national-level discipline in the 10-year adjustment of the academic degree office of the State Council. The department is one of the major initiators.

        In 2019, the safety engineering specialty obtained the provincial first-class specialty construction spot recognition;

    large-scale fire prevention and control for the country’s major needs of graduate students to explore innovative international training model and practice, ” Anhui Teaching Achievement Award;

        “The University of Science and Technology Safety Engineering undergraduate science and practice, multi-disciplinary interdisciplinary exploration and development of teaching model, ” won the first prize in Anhui teaching achievements;

    Internet of things, new materials, new energy fire prevention and Control Technology under the teaching and Training” won the first prize in Anhui Province.

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