Department of Precision Machinery and Precision Instruments

    Department of Precision Machinery and Precision Instruments


        In order to adapt to the rapid development of science and technology, the trend of cross-integration of science and technology, and to speed up the training of Engineering Scientific Research Talents, our university established the Department of precision machinery and precision instruments in 1978, the principle of cultivating engineering research talents with wide scope in the atmosphere of science is determined, the foundation of mathematical mechanics is strengthened, the integration of machine, light, electricity, automatic control and computer is emphasized, and the emphasis is laid on precision machinery and precision instruments.

        The teaching, discipline construction and scientific research work of the department are carried out around the front direction of precision machinery and precision instruments. For over 30 years, the department has developed research interests in the fields of precision instruments and machinery, intelligent machinery and robotics, nanoelectromechanical system, optoelectronic information technology and instruments, dynamic testing and fault diagnosis, biomedical engineering, environmental science and instruments, etc. . Has undertaken relevant research work in two national large-scale scientific projects, namely, the national synchrotron radiation accelerator and the large sky area multi-target spectrum telescope, it has also undertaken relevant scientific research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, various ministries and departments, and large and medium-sized enterprises. With the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Australia and other academic institutions to establish a long-term cooperative research and personnel exchanges.

        The department has mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation and measurement and control technology and instruments, two bachelor of engineering training, with precision instruments and machinery, measurement technology and instruments, mechanical and Electronic Engineering Master of Science Award points, master of Science in culture; Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and instrument engineering; Master of Science in culture; Doctor of science in precision instrument and machinery, measurement and measurement technology and instrument engineering. These specialties combine the latest achievements in the fields of machinery, automatic control, electronic technology, computer technology and photoelectric technology, and are highly integrated engineering and technical disciplines.

        The faculty is strong, the existing teaching and research staff of 46 people, including 37 senior faculty titles (including 16 professor) . In addition, there are Chinese Academy of Sciences, “Department combination” external professor 8. In 1984, the Institute of ultra-precision Technology was established; in 2012, it was approved to set up a post-doctoral research station in instrument science and technology.

        The graduates of this department have deep foundation of mathematical mechanics, master foreign language and opto-mechanical Application Technology, broad knowledge, strong adaptability. After graduation, most of them can work or further their studies in universities and scientific research institutions, or engage in the research and development of integrated products of machine, light and electricity in high-tech industries. Graduates are welcomed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, research institutes of various ministries, universities, as well as large and medium sized enterprises and high tech companies.

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