Department of Modern Mechanics

    Department of Modern Mechanics


    The full name of the department is modern mechanics department, by the famous scientist Mr. Qian Xuesen in 1958 personally founded, as the first chairman of the department. For more than 40 years, six of the top professionals my department has trained have become members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering. As the foundation and support of Engineering Science, our department has developed into:


     National Priority Level Disciplines;

     Fundamental Science for Research and teaching;

     Key construction disciplines of the National “211” project;

     Key construction disciplines of the State’985’ project;

     Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph. D. Training Center

     solid mechanics as a National Key Disciplines;

     fluid mechanics, National Key Disciplines;

     doctor of science in mechanics mobile station. 


    I have a department of 30 professors, including the strength of the faculty. Among them, Changjiang Scholars Program, Wu Xiaoping and Lu Xiyun are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and six of the National Outstanding Youth Fund and three of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, professor to sin-yee, Fellow Chow fung-chun and fellow Koo kam-choi are members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

    There is the institute of Applied Mechanics, a special laboratory for advanced research in mechanics and its applications, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences for Mechanical Behavior and design of materials, engaged in advanced material mechanical behavior and design of the basic theory and application research.

    The Department of modern mechanics at University of Science and Technology of China was founded in 1958 by Qian Xuesen, a famous scientist, and was headed by Qian. Wu Zhonghua, Academician Tong Binggang, Professor Han Zhaoyuan, Professor Yu Jilin, professor he shiping, Professor Lu Xiyun and professor he linghui have successively served as the department heads. The current chairman of the Department is Professor Ding Hang.

    After several generations of hard work, the Department of modern mechanics has made great progress in teaching, scientific research and infrastructure. A series of achievements have been made in scientific research and important theoretical and technical contributions have been made, and a large number of outstanding mechanical and engineering talents have been trained, they have become leading figures in science and technology, education, national economy and national defense construction, technical backbone, mechanics and other experts and scholars

Department of Modern Mechanics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui province, China, 230027
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